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Hatching Eggs

We regularly test the fertility of our eggs before we start selling them which is mainly why eggs will be available from March through to August but we do now and then have eggs available out of season please contact us to find out what we have. If a breed below says out of stock and you would like to purchase please do contact us as they may be available.


All our eggs come from our own stock,

Nearly everyone of our breeding pens contain 2 cockerels and 5 hens. 


We send out hundreds of eggs during the season by post. Most of these hatch successfully and we have many repeat customers. Occasionally when eggs have been through the postal system, they fail to hatch. There is no evidence that this is due to transportation. However, it is possible that X-rays may prevent embryo development.


It is important to leave eggs to stand overnight before starting to incubate and failure to do so is likely to affect We cannot guarantee fertility especially after posting but we can guarantee these are our own!

Happy Hatching!!!

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