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Golden Dutch Bantam - 6 Eggs
  • Golden Dutch Bantam - 6 Eggs


    The Dutch Bantam (or De Hollandse Krielan) in its country of origin has been around for a long time, though in The Netherlands a club was only formed on 1 December 1946. The breed first appeared in this country around the late 1960s, and a club was formed in 1982.


    Since then the breed has gone from strength to strength, with 13 colours standardised, although in the Netherlands many more varieties keep appearing


    Uses: Exhibition / Ornamental. Eggs: 80 – 160 tinted.
    Origin: Holland.
    Weight: Bantam Cock: 500 – 550g, Hen: 400 – 450g.

    Useful to Know: A true bantam. Hardy. Can make a good broody but only covers a small number of eggs. Good temperament and can become quite friendly


    TERMS AND CONDITIONS - We guarantee that the eggs will reach you intact but cannot guarantee that they will hatch. This is because we have no control over what happens to them once despatched. A broody hen may have left the nest, there may have been an incubator malfunction or power cut, all or any of which would affect the viability of the developing embryo. What we do know is that the eggs are viable at the time of despatch as fertility is constantly monitored. As fertile eggs are perishable we are not able to accept cancellations once the eggs have been despatched. Nor do we accept returns.

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