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Welsummers Large Fowl - 6 Eggs
  • Welsummers Large Fowl - 6 Eggs


    Named after the village of Welsum, this Dutch breed has in its make-up such breeds as the partridge Cochin, partridge Wyandotte and partridge Leghorn, and still later the Barnevelder and the Rhode Island Red. In 1928, stock was imported into this country from The Netherlands, in particular for its large brown egg, which remains its special feature, some products being mottled with brown spots. It has distinctive markings and colour, and comes into the light-breed category, although it has good body size. It enters the medium class in the country of its origin. Judges and breeders work to a Standard that values indications of productiveness, so that laying merits can be combined with beauty.

    Uses: Exhibition / Ornamental. 

    Eggs: 120-180.
    Origin: Asia / America.
    Weight: Cock: 4.55 – 5.45Kg, Hen: 3.2 – 4.10Kg.
    Bantam: Cock: 1080g, Hen: 910g.

    Useful to Know: Indoor housing is often used by exhibitors during bad weather to avoid feathers on feet from being broken. Dark versions require double mating (using separate cock and hen breeders) to obtain the best markings.


    TERMS AND CONDITIONS - We guarantee that the eggs will reach you intact but cannot guarantee that they will hatch. This is because we have no control over what happens to them once despatched. A broody hen may have left the nest, there may have been an incubator malfunction or power cut, all or any of which would affect the viability of the developing embryo. What we do know is that the eggs are viable at the time of despatch as fertility is constantly monitored. As fertile eggs are perishable we are not able to accept cancellations once the eggs have been despatched. Nor do we accept returns.

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