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Large Fowl

White Silkies

White Silkies.jpg
Silkie fowls have been mentioned by authorities for several hundred years. Some think that they originated in India, whilst others favour China and Japan. The Silkie is regarded as a light breed and as such it must be exhibited. The Silkie’s persistent broodiness is a breed characteristic, either pure or crossed.
Uses: A very persistent broody, ornamental, exhibition.
Origin: Asia. Eggs: 100-120 Tinted or Cream.
Weight: Cock: 1.8 Kg.Hen: 1.36 Kg.

Useful to Know
Silkies are very persistent broodies, so good sometimes they will not eat and require regular removal from the nest to make sure they get fed. They require sheltered runs since they will not cope so well with very hot, cold or wet / muddy conditions.
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