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Large Fowl

Silver Appenzeller

The Appenzell Canton is in the north-eastern part of Switzerland. It is not known how long Spitzhaubens have been bred there but the very similar Brabanter from The Netherlands was depicted in seventeenth century paintings so Appenzeller Spitzhaubens may date from the same period. The Appenzeller Barthuhner was developed in the 1860s from crosses between Brown Leghorns, Russian Beardeds and Polveranas (now extinct, related to Bearded Polands). Kurt Fischer, of Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen, Germany was a leading breeder involved in the revival of both breeds in the 1950s as they had almost died out during the Second World War
Uses: Exhibition. Utility: eggs. Eggs: 230 – 280 white.
Origin: Switzerland (Appenzel Canton).
Weight: Cock: 1.6 – 2Kg, Hen: 1.35 – 1.6Kg.
Bantam: Only Large Fowl Standardised in the UK.

Black, Silver Spangled, Gold Spangled standardised UK. Barred, Black-Mottled, Blue, & Chamois Spangled.

Useful to Know
A very active breed capable of laying a good number of large white eggs.  Light breeds have a reputation for being flighty, but this is overcome with gentle handling.
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