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Mini Fumer

Mini Fumer


Mini covers an area of 120m3


Fortefog fumers are the ready to use strong fumer alternative against a wide range of flying and crawling insects offering safe and easy control of insect pests in domestic premises, shipping containers, animal houses etc. Ideal for the likes of, flies, red mite, bed bugs, litter beetle and more..


Each smoke bomb contains 13.25% permethrin. This high insecticide content means it’s super-effective even against notoriously tough bugs such as cockroaches and bed bugs!


Non-Sparking Fuse

Some smoke bombs can spark as they burn, causing singe marks to the surface they’re on. All Fortefog fumers are fitted with non-sparking fuses for your safety and convenience.


Odour-Free and Safe to Use in Public Hygiene Areas

The permethrin smoke is super-effective but doesn’t leave any lingering odours around the room, so it’s suitable for use in public hygiene areas such as care homes, hospitals, kitchens, and more. They can also be used in large, open-plan rooms around the home as the smell from the smoke won’t transfer into your soft furnishings.


How to Use

Place the smoke bomb on a heat-resistant surface. Ensure all windows and doors in the room or poultry shed are closed and any gaps are plugged as well as you can.  Ensure all people and animals are out. Remove the lid of the smoke bomb and light the fuse.

Make sure the door is properly closed behind you. Wait at least 5 hours –  before re-entering.


We recommend re-treating the area in 3-4 days in the case of some pests (such as bed bugs) to kill any recently-hatched eggs. Operator contamination is eliminated and risk of spillage is completely re-moved. Avoid inhalation!

No lingering smell, non pungent, no residual odour after treatment.

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