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Lavender Araucana Large Fowl

Lavender Araucana Large Fowl

  • In the 1940s George Malcolm developed Araucana bantams starting from crosses with Belgian bantams which introduced the lavender gene

  • Lavender has since been introduced to large fowl and has been the most popular colour variety of both sizes ever since

  • It was not until the 1960s that the breed was standardised.


  • Araucanas are crested with ear muffs and beard and are active and alert

  • There are 12 colours of large and bantam British type Araucanas in the British Poultry Standards

  • There is a rumples variety which is rare in the UK.


Good layer with some strains exceeding 250 green or blue eggs per year. Bantams should match this performance with the added benefit of less space requirements.


Did you know?

Araucana hens lay a blue or green egg. The colour runs completely through the thickness of the shell which is a unique feature in poultry.

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