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  • Kenofix


    KenoFix is a nourishing and protective spray for your pet's skin or hooves. Thanks to the unique "second-skin technology", the spray creates a strong layer on the skin that guarantees long-lasting protection. This layer forms a barrier against bacteria and infections, among other things. In addition, the nourishing spray disinfects and contains a bitter substance in the form of Bitrex. The spray has a blue colour.

    Benefits of KenoFix
    - Suitable for different types of animals, such as horses, ponies, cows, sheep, pigs, dogs, cats and poultry
    - This provides a constant and even spray at all times
    - Shaking before use is not necessary
    - The spray functions in all possible positions (even upside down)

    Suitable for
    Superficial wounds, grazes and castration wounds


    Available in a 300ml aerosol

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