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Hotmax - 10kg sack
  • Hotmax - 10kg sack

    • High energy, clean, fast high heat
    • Low CO2 and very low ash residue
    • Completely natural and sustainable
    • For woodburners, multi-fuel stoves, open fires, bbqs and chimeneas


    Hotmax fuel logs enable you to generate high levels of heat very fast, they're competitively priced and readily available, and they're an ideal fuel for your woodburner, multi-fuel stove, open fire, BBQ or chimenea.

    Hotmax is clean and easy to use, it burns with a strong, bright flame, giving low emissions and low levels of fine ash.

    Compared to coal and firewood, HOTMAX fuel logs are cleaner and easier to handle, store and burn.

    Unlike coal, they can be used in woodburners - as well as in multi-fuel stoves and open fires.

    They release their energy faster than coal or firewood, so they generate high heat very quickly.

    They create low emissions and very little residue or ash, and because they are made from the dust extracted in the manufacture of horse bedding shavings, BEDMAX, they have the edge in terms of environmental sustainability.


    Sold in 10kg sacks


    Discount quantity available PLEASE EMAIL with your requirements and delivery information to obtain price,

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