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Sold in 5ltr container


MiteMax / Harmunex has a physical action immobolising the red mite on contact. Highly effective and fast acting, the immobolised mites subsequently die.

Containing no pesticides, it is safe to use when your hens are in the hen house, but it should not be applied directly to the bird and all eggs should be collected before treating the hen house.


MiteMax is a novel polymer formulation that gives rapid knockdown of red poultry mite.


MiteMax penetrates through the dust found in poultry shed to reach mites.

  • Spray MiteMax RTU directly onto the red poultry mites, ensuring a thorough wetting of the pest, surfaces and crevices where mites hide or live.
  • Apply as a coarse spray until you see runoff.
  • Absorbent surfaces will require higher rates.
  • There are no restrictions on the number MiteMax applications you can make during the life of your hens.
  • We recommend follow up sprays are applied at subsequence signs of mite activity and applied as needed to prevent infestations becoming established.


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