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Poultry Rearer Pellets ACS

Poultry Rearer Pellets ACS


Farmgate Smallholder Poultry Rearer ACS is a flexible palatable and highly nutritious diet designed to be fed to laying hen replacement stock and broilers


A balanced rearing pellet containing essential amino acids and minerals necessary for strong, healthy bones and good feather quality. Suitable to follow chick crumbs through to point of lay for laying birds or until finisher is introduced for table poultry.


Contains ACS which helps the bird develop its own immunity to Coccidiosis by limiting the growth of the parasite whilst the birds own body develops the ability to deal with it.



  • Complete Feed
  • For replacement layers and young birds before finishing
  • Pellets
  • Helps prevent Coccidiosis


Available bag sizes

  • 20 kg


Constituent Analysis

15% Protein


Feeding Guide

Feed from up to four weeks to point of lay or 7 days before slaughter.  Birds for slaughter should be then moved onto a finisher pellet due to the ACS in the feed. Fresh, clean water should be available to the birds at all times.


Discount quantity available PLEASE EMAIL with your requirements and delivery information to obtain price,

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