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Chicken Pecking Block
  • Chicken Pecking Block


    Sold in 6kg tubs


    Feldy’s Chicken Pecker Block is a high quality, bespoke product for the commercial and domestic chicken keeper.


    The blend of 12 specially selected, readily digestible ingredients contributes to the flock’s daily intake of essential nutrients. In addition, a blend of added herbs and spices act as an “attractant” to the block.



    Feldy has adopted a holistic approach to the formulation of this food and wellbeing supplement. Each block provides:

    • Occupational therapy for your birds by reducing boredom and helping prevent feather pecking in the flock
    • A high energy supplement resulting in improved bird condition, feathering and health, more and larger eggs
    • Added calcium which aids the production of top quality eggshells, avoiding wasteful breakages

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