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Sold in 500ml container


CBM8 MV is a brand new active ingredient for the control of Red Mite and other flying and crawling insects in animal housing.


Long lasting activity – for up to 3 months

May be used in occupied housing

Micro-encapsulated for slow release of active ingredient

Effective against red mite, flies, beetles and other insects

500ml concentrate treats 200 - 500m2 (sprayed)

500ml concentrate treats up to 2,500m3 (hot fogged)



CBM8 MV is a long acting acaricide, microencapsulated to give a slow release of Cyphenothrin/Prallethrin up to 3 months in duration. CBM8 MV is suitable for use in poultry and pigeon housing, sheep and goat housing, cattle stalls, horse stables, piggeries and farrowing crates.


Effective against flying and crawling insects including:

- Mites - Nuisance flies - Midges

- litter beetles - Biting flies - Beetles

- Grain weevils - Mosquitoes - Silverfish


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