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Silver Appleyard Miniature Ducks

Uses: Exhibition / Ornamental.
Eggs: 60 to 160 Eggs.
Origin: Gloucestershire, U.K.
Weight: Drake: 1.4 Kg, Duck: 1.1 Kg.

Classification: Bantam.

Useful to Know: An attractive ornamental duck that looks good in the garden, has character and tames easily.

The Silver Appleyard Miniature duck originates from Folly Farm in Gloucestershire where it was created as a bantam version of the Silver Appleyard during the late 1980’s by Tom Bartlett. Folly Farm kept 130 breeds of poultry for display to the public and was also instrumental in reviving the heavier Silver Appleyard (originally created by Reginald Appleyard). Reginald Appleyard did create a “Silver Appleyard bantam” however the colours were not the same as the Silver Appleyard, they were far closer to the Abacot Ranger.

The Silver Appleyard Miniature was standardised by the British Waterfowl Association in 1997 and to avoid confusion, the “Silver Appleyard Bantam” was renamed the Silver Bantam.

Whilst the Silver Appleyard was imported into North America during the late 1960’s and standardised in 1998, the Silver Appleyard Miniature hasn’t made it into the American Standard of Perfection.

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