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Feeding Info

There are a lot of feeds out there in the market place. We use Farmgate manufactured by ForFarmers as they are local to us and they provide the range of feeds that we need.

Chick Crumb

The chick crumb contains ACS (which is a 'anti-coccidiostat'. This will help prevent the birds from contracting coccidiosis which is a parasitic disease of the intestinal tract) the crumb is ideal for bantam and large fowl chicks. We tend to feed this from day old through to 7 weeks.


This also contains a ACS

We use this for all our birds its a short cut pellet so can be used for bantams and large fowl breeds. Used from 7 weeks to 16 weeks

Layers and breeder birds

We tend to mix layers mash and pellet together along with the seed mix. They love it! The mix gives them a really good diet and the yolks are really bright orange!

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